DriveCrash™ 5 Star Customer Rating  

This is only a small list of the tens of thousands of recoveries we have done over the last 24 years. A small list of our Customers include Boeing, Billabong, US Senate, Lockheed, City of LA, Harvard, MIT, USC, State Board of Equalization, most Universities, and almost all Major Corporations. And plenty of small and medium size businesses. We have also recovered countless people in need. We want to thank them here for choosing us to do their data recoveries. Just because someone says it can’t be done doesn’t mean a thing to us. Here are a handful of letters we have received as a thank you.

“I will never use another company except yours. They told me it could not be done. Your RAID repair crew got all my data back fast. Thank you again”

   David – Agro Jal


“I cannot thank you and the Clean Room Crew enough for your efforts. You recovered everything I needed, everything I wanted, and more.. You guys saved my life. Well worth the price. Thank you so much”

   David W.


“Thank you for your services. The data we were hoping to have saved from our dead drive was! Thanks so much!!! I sent the loaner USB drive back today via UPS.
Thanks again”

   Justin C.


“We successfully copied all our files from your drives. Your recovery was 100% successful and I am so grateful! Thanks for your team’s hard work. I will send your loaner disks back by the end of this week. Thanks again”

   Laurie – Baird Co.


“I want to thank you and the staff at Ai Networks for the excellent customer service that you have provided. The crash of my hard drive had created a crisis for me, and the hard work you all did to recover my data has truly been a godsend. As you know, I have a report due today, and because of your work, I will deliver it on time.

You have been unfailingly professional and helped calm my panic by reassuring me the chances were pretty good that you would be able to recover my data, which is exactly what your staff did. Life is good again.

THANK YOU ALL for the long hours and tedious work you did to make this happen. I understand the damage to the hard drive was extensive; but regardless, you were able to get it back. I am now breathing a sigh of relief, and I will complete by assignment on time. Frankly in this economic climate, I think everyone is making extra effort to meet or exceed deadlines and be accurate. You have made it possible for that to happen for me today.

I will not hesitate to recommend your office to others in my situation. Your assistance was outstanding.”

  Elaine Rogers


“I just want to let you and your company know what a great job you did for my company. I was the most impressed by the speed at which our data was recovered. I was also impressed that every time we called that someone answered the phone. We got our data back with no corrupt data. We are grateful to your team for the amazing job that was done.”

   Lee Davis – CSI Technologies


“Dear Drive-Crash Technicians,

I would like to take some time and thank you for the amazing data recovery service you provided. I had little to no hope of getting my video footage and pictures back off of the 2TB drive that crashed, thanks to your hard work I now have most of the footage back I need to continue on with my filming projects!

This wasn’t just a business transaction, It was nice people helping out someone who needed it. If I ever encounter anymore situations involving data loss you are the first people I will call!

Thanks again and keep up the awesome work!”

   Zach Keasling


“I wanted to thank you for restoring our customer’s data, for your excellent service, outstanding pricing, and for making us look great. The server came back 100% and the customer is elated… We will be using your services again, I can promise you. Thanks again!”

   James Gentry – Atlantic Data Team


“The files worked to perfection. We bought some third party software that made the .PST files from the .EDB files you restored.

You guys were excellent and really saved the day for me. Please thank Lou and the others for helping me out. I will give you guys as a reference to anyone who may need your type of recovery services.

Once Again, Thanks for your hard work and dedication. I appreciate the response to my problem.”

   Ed Nemeth – Information Systems Director – Southwest Behavioral Health Inc.